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• Auto Extended Warranties

• Car Donation Programs - Proceed with Caution

• Challenging Unreasonable Towing Fees

• Flood-Damaged Vehicles

• Increased Gas Prices? Again?

• Michigan's Lemon Law - Avoid Getting Stuck with A Lemon

• Motor Oil Awareness

• Paying Off Your Old Vehicle Before Buying A New One: Vehicle Owners with Negative Equity Should Use Caution When Trading-In their Vehicle

Charities & Donations

• 'Tis The Season for Wise Charitable Giving

• Charitable Donation Refund Scam

• Charities, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

• Charity Board Members -- Their Obligations

• Checking On A Charity -- Did You Receive A Solicitation or an "Education"

• Crowdfunding for Donations

• Disaster Scams - Lessons Learned

• It's 10 o'clock - Do You Know Where Your Charitable Donation Is?

• Police And Fire Solicitations... What You Should Know

• Remembering Our Veterans - Some Timely Tips for Donors

• Support Disaster Relief - But Avoid Scammers

• Talk Like A Charity, But Do They Walk Like A Charity?

Credit, Loans & Debt Collection, Foreclosure

• Advance-Fee Loan Scams

• Cosigning A Loan? Know the Risks!

• Credit Repair Scams & Choosing A Credit Counselor

• Debt Collection & Debt Collection Scams

• Federal and State Legal/Foreclosure Protections for Military Personnel on Active Duty

• Foreclosure and Credit Assistance

• Free Annual Credit Reports - What Consumers Should Know

• Home Lending and Foreclosure Rescue Scams

• New Overdraft Fee Rules

• New Protections for Credit Card Holders

• Payday Loan - Know Your Rights and Decide If One Is Right for You

• Reverse Mortgages

• Rising Credit Card Interest Rates and Fees

Home & Health

• After the Flood - Be Wary of Scammers Attracted by FEMA Payments

• Appliance Repair Act

• Building and Remodeling - Advice for Homeowners

• Corded Window Coverings and Children

• Health Club Memberships - Lose Weight, Not Money

• Medicine - "Free" Medicine May Be Costly

• Prescription Drugs - How To Safely Save Money

• Propane Gas - Understand Pricing Options and How to Lower Your Heating Costs

Identity Theft, Privacy, Telemarketing & Junk Mail

• Cell Phone Spam Stop Receiving Unwanted Text Messages!

• Computer Ransomware

• Do Not Fax Me! A Way To Stop Unwanted Advertisements

• Don't Throw Away Your Right To Financial Privacy

• Fraudulent E-mail Thieves Intend to Steal Your Personal Information

• Identity Theft Information for Michigan Consumers

• Identity Theft: Deceased Victims

• Malware – What Is It and How To Avoid It

• Michigan Telemarketing Laws/ Do-Not-Call List

• Reduce Your Junk Mail

• Security Breaches - Target, Neiman Marcus, and Michaels

• Security Breaches: What To Do Next

• Security Freeze Information for Michigan Consumers

• Telemarketing Fraud - Medicare Prescription Drug Twist

• Telemarketing Fraud - Never Give Personal Information to Unknown Callers

Investments & Business Opportunities

• Annuities --
Are They the Right Investment for Me?

• Multi-Level Marketing or Illegal Pyramid Scheme?

• Ponzi Schemes

• Virtual Currency Has Real Life Risk


• A Job Offer Too Good To Be True

• Counterfeit Check Scams

• Government Records - Get Them From The Government, Not A Third Party

• Grandparents Scam

• Green Dot MoneyPak Cards

• IRS Tax Scams

• International Sweepstakes & Lottery Fraud

• Mystery Shopper Counterfeit Check Scam

• National Mortgage Settlement Scams

• Senior Census - Fact or Fiction?

• Sweepstakes -"You May Already Be A Winner!"
"What Will You Do With All the Money We're Preparing to Send You?"

Shopping for Products & Services

• 'Tis The Season For Protecting Yourself When Making Purchases

• 'Tis The Season for Wise Charitable Giving

• Avoid Auction Scams - Know The Facts Before You Bid

• Avoiding Unhappy Returns - Returning Merchandise Bought Online or In The Store

• Business Sudden Closure

• Contract Cancellation

• Credit Card Surcharges

• Credit Cards -- Did I Charge That?

• Dating Services

• Gift Cards & Gift Certificates

• Hey! Why Isn't That Price Fixing? The Real Story of Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices

• Internet Phone Service ("VoIP"): Will You Be Able To Reach 9-1-1 In An Emergency?

• Living Trusts
Beware of "One Size Fits All" Estate Plans & "Free Lunch Seminars"

• Long-Term Rebate Programs

• Michigan's Scanner Law
The 2011 Shopping Reform and Modernization Act

• Online Ticket Purchasing

• Pre-Paid Funeral Contracts

• Selling Precious Metals

• Talent Scouting Services

• Travel Club Memberships

• Travel Tips

Small Business Owners

• Embezzlement Prevention for Small Organizations

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