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  • Annual Charity Game Ticket Training Videos
    The Charitable Gaming Division is pleased to announce the release of four training videos to help your organization better understand the duties and responsibilities of an Annual Charity Game Ticket licensee.  Viewing of the four videos is mandatory for the Principal Officer, all Chairpersons and all record keepers. 

    These videos were developed to efficiently instruct officers, chairpersons, and other workers with the responsibilities, rules, and completion of game records for charity game tickets.  When prompted, sign in to the quizzing feature.  This can also be used as a refresher tool, with or without quizzing.

    The 2015 Annual Charity Game Ticket Renewal application requires certification from the Principal Officer that they, all Chairpersons, and all record keepers associated with the license, will view and understand the information contained in the training videos, and will contact their local inspector with any questions.  No license will be issued without this certification.

    ACGT Training Video #1 Licensee Overview  (10 1/2 minutes)

    ACGT Training Video #2 Weekly Accountability  (8 1/2 minutes)

    ACGT Training Video #3 Financial Reporting  (2 1/2 minutes)

    ACGT Training Video #4 Protecting Your Profits  (4 minutes)

    Raffle Guide
    The newly revised Raffle Guide is now available.  If your organization is considering a raffle, the guide is a great place to start. You will learn how to qualify and apply for a raffle, as well as what is required before, during, and after your raffle event.  Even if your organization currently holds raffles, the guide is a great reference tool with information on principal officer and chairperson responsibilities, preparing and accountability of raffle tickets and completing the game records during and after the event.    

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