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Craig Kasmer, interpreter at Hartwick Pines State Park, shows what a finished snowshoe looks like.Making your own snowshoes at Michigan state parks For the last eight winters, Hartwick Pines State Park has hosted snowshoe-building classes, where students begin with the basic materials and end up with a self-made pair of snowshoes. The class and similar others at state parks are among the most popular hands-on winter activities the DNR offers. Follow the DNR calendar to learn about classes like these and other upcoming events at Michigan state parks, historic sites and museums.
Close-up of cross-country skier’s boots and poles next to candle with a pink glow in background.Opportunities to ski by candlelight, lantern light are an inviting draw for visitors to Michigan state parks About 40 people, of all ages and sizes, showed up for a recent DNR candlelight cross-country skiing event at Metamora-Hadley Recreation Area. The event is one of a number of winter programs offered at Michigan state parks and recreation areas. For more information on winter programs at state parks and recreation areas statewide, visit and check out the Events and Activities section.
Guide Rebecca Jurczak (right) helps Merisa Muscemic, who is visually impaired, cross-country ski.Annual RAM Center event a big hit with visually impaired skiers The DNR's Ralph A. MacMullan Conference Center in Roscommon hosted 26 visually impaired cross-country skiers for a recent Michigan Ski for Light event. The annual event, in existence since the late 1970s and headquartered at the RAM Center since 1980, pairs visually impaired – and some mobility-impaired – skiers with sighted guides to help them negotiate the course.
Smiling boy ice fishing, holding up a yellow perch he caught, with his mom in the backgroundGet hooked on fun, camaraderie of ice fishing Fishing is a year-round activity and when the thermometer plunges below freezing in Michigan, most anglers have little choice but to hit the hard water. If you look around in the winter and see the huge shanty towns that spring up on some of Michigan's best fishing lakes, it's obvious that a lot of people are having a lot of fun out there. It isn't that difficult to become one of them.
Trapper John Bakos hauls his gear on a sled across a frozen marsh, blue sky and sun on the horizon.Michigan's trapping tradition grows in popularity Whether it's pelt prices, the challenge, or the allure of reconnecting to times past that draws people to the pastime, trapping is growing in popularity in Michigan. According to DNR records, just more than 10,000 people bought a fur harvester license in 1994. Two decades later, that number has tripled.
Robbie Ivey, a boy in a wheelchair in the woods, smiling, wearing orange vest, with a bear he took.Providing better opportunities for hunters with disabilities Thanks to the efforts of the DNR, its employees and plenty of volunteers and dedicated partners, people with disabilities who want to hunt are getting more opportunities than before. Many DNR employees have a passion for the outdoors and a strong desire to serve people with disabilities. That service takes the form of ad hoc volunteer efforts, and a number of programs aimed specifically at people with disabilities, including programs such as Michigan Operation Freedom Outdoors.
Lt. Steve Burton oversees the operation of dispatchers manning the RAP (Report All Poaching) Line.Report All Poaching hotline helps connect conservation officers with the public The RAP (Report All Poaching) Room is staffed 24/7 by as many as seven personnel at a time. It is the main link between the public and the DNR's Law Enforcement Division. The RAP Room dispatchers play a vital role in Michigan's natural resources protection team.
grilled venison on breadGet the most out of your wild game: Use recipes and techniques designed for venison Whether a deer hunter is motivated by filling the freezer, bagging a trophy, or just doing their part to help manage the state's deer population while enjoying the tradition of hunting each fall, those who are successful all have one thing in common: going home with many pounds of fresh venison that can be prepared and enjoyed in a multitude of ways. Michigan wild game chef Dan Nelson offers some tips for preparing venison and other game meats.
Historical photo shows a pull-behind plow used to create fire breaks.Michigan DNR's nationally recognized fire program celebrates 100 years In 2014, Michigan set a new record when it came to wildfires - a record low. This past fire season, 167 fires burned 550 acres across the state. The historic low number of wildfires corresponds to another historic event in Michigan: 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of William J. Pearson being appointed as the state's first full-time forest fire officer. The DNR now has 68 fire officers deployed at 48 stations across the state.
DNR forest technician Phillip Kurzeja checks under the bark of a red oak for signs of oak wilt.Michigan DNR and U.S. Forest Service partner to protect oak trees from killer fungus Like American elm in the 1950s and ash trees in more recent history, Michigan's red oak trees are facing potentially significant die-offs due to an exotic and largely invisible killer: oak wilt. In addition to various preemptive means of preventing or slowing the spread of oak wilt that the public can help with, the DNR's Forest Resources and Parks and Recreation divisions have partnered with the U.S. Forest Service to develop and implement a method of treating stands of oak trees that are already infected.

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