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    School Libraries for the 21st Century Measurement Benchmarks (SL 21) are a tool to help measure the quality of School Library programs within individual school buildings in Michigan. To achieve Qualified and Exemplary Status for a School Library program, submit completed measurement benchmark evaluations to the Library of Michigan, an Office of the Michigan Department of Education. School administrators are to evaluate their building's School Library program in conjunction with their School Librarian and submissions require the signature of their District Superintendent. Status earned are valid for three years. The SL 21 measures are reviewed and revised every three years by the Library of Michigan and the School Library Workgroup to ensure that the measures are relevant and appropriate for Michigan's school library programs. Please contact Karren Reish at or 517-241-0021 with any questions on the SL 21 program.

  • SL 21 Measurement Benchmarks for Michigan School Libraries for 21st Century Schools PDF icon
  • SL 21 Measurement Benchmarks for Michigan School Libraries for 21st Century Schools DOC icon
  • School Library Workgroup PDF iconThe School Library Workgroup (SLG) is a group of school librarians and school library related professionals. Through up to two meetings a summer with the Library of Michigan, the group is a forum charged with maintaining the SL 21 standards and discussing current issues in Michigan school libraries. SLG Charge.
  • K-12 School Library/Media Center Community Updates To stay informed about the SL 21 program and statewide resources, materials and events for use by K-12 students and staff, please join the School Library Community listserv. The listserv is for the Library of Michigan and the K-12 School Library Media Center community.

Using Text Sets to Support Common Core Implementation

  • Text Sets Explanatory Letter PDF icon
  • Text Set Explanation and Samples The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for ELA aim for students to be able to critically think about increasingly complex texts and to read across informational and literary texts. Building strong text sets can be one way of supporting teachers in providing the necessary reading experiences needed to meet the aim of the CCSS. A text set is a group of books used to build background knowledge and common vocabulary around a theme or topic. In the text set an anchor book is used as the focus of a unit or lesson and a series of additional information at various reading levels is strategically chosen to support the anchor text. The materials available here explain how the sets can be created and used.
  • Text Set for 6-8 with The Hunger Games - Set A PDF icon
  • Text Set for 6-8 with The Hunger Games - Set B PDF icon
  • Text Set for 6-8 with The Hunger Games - Set C PDF icon

Writing and Reading Programs and Contests

  • Michigan Reads! What would happen if every parent, grandparent or caregiver read the same book to Michigan preschoolers at the same time? We're on a mission to find out! Michigan Reads! was launched in 2004 by the Library of Michigan in partnership with the Michigan Center for the Book to promote the value and benefits of reading early and often to preschoolers; to encourage family bonding through reading; and to increase awareness and usage of Michigan's libraries.
    Michigan Reads! is a program of the Library of Michigan and the Library of Michigan Foundation with generous support from Target.
  • Letters about Literature


    The Letters about Literature 2015-2016 materials and entry coupons are here! The Michigan Center for the Book participates in the annual Letters about Literature program from the Library of Congress. This national reading-writing contest invites readers in grades 4 through 12 to write letters to authors of books that have changed their lives.

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