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Michigan Merit Examination

The Michigan Merit Examination (MME) assesses students in grade 11 and eligible students in grade 12 based on Michigan high school standards. It is administered each March, and consists of three components:

  • ACT Plus Writing® college entrance examination
  • WorkKeys® job skills assessments in reading, mathematics, and "locating information"
  • Michigan-developed assessments in mathematics, science, and social studies


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What's New?

• 2014 Michigan Merit Exam Results Show Long- and Short-term Gains in All Subjects

• Spring 2014 Guide to Reports PDF icon

• NEW! 2014-15 Michigan Statewide Assessment Transition Document PDF icon

• Accountability Programs Presentation from Michigan School Testing Conference

• Spring 2014 Assessment and Accountability Data Timeline PDF icon

• Guide to Michigan 2013-14 Statewide Assessments PDF icon

Current Assessment Information

• Spring 2014 MME Training Information PDF icon

• Training Cover Memo PDF icon

• Checklist of Dates - Spring 2014 PDF icon

• Spring 2014 MME Accommodations Briefing PDF icon Videoconference September 18, 2013

• Spring 2014 MME Preparation and Planning PDF icon Videoconference September 18, 2013

• Avoiding the Pitfalls PDF icon

• Room Supervisor/Proctor Training

• MME Previously Trained Staff Webcast

• ACT Request for Testing of Homebound Student PDF icon

• MME Training Workshop Powerpoint PDF icon

• Home Schooled Checklist PDF icon

• Off-Site Proposal Request

• Summary of Requirements PDF icon This document is a summary of staff and facility requirements. It will help you choose the best school staff and testing environment for ACT State Testing. It is not all inclusive.

• School Schedule and Site Options PDF icon

• ACT State Testing Profile Change Forms PDF icon

• Permitted and Prohibited Calculators for use on the MME

• High School Grade Assignment for Accountability Calculations PDF icon

• Student Reminders DOC icon

• Assessment Integrity Guide PDF icon Approved by the State Board of Education on Sept. 9, 2009. This replaces the Professional & Accountability Practices for Educators Guide. This document covers proper test administration procedures and how MDE will handle improper assessment administration on OEAA assessments.

ACT Plus Writing

• Chart of Accommodations Dates Early March Spring 2014 PDF icon

• ACT Answer Document Supplement PDF icon Updated 9/3/2013

• ACT Test Supervisor Manual, Standard Time PDF icon

• ACT Test Supervisor Manual, State Allowed Accommodations PDF icon

• ACT Test Supervisor Manual - State Special Testing/Accommodated Testing PDF icon

• ACT Request for Testing of Homebound Student PDF icon

• Day 1 Standard Time Testing - Frequently Asked Questions PDF icon

• The ACT Educator's Guide to the ACT Writing Test PDF icon


• WorkKeys Answer Document Supplement PDF icon

• WorkKeys Test Supervisor Manual - Standard Time PDF icon

• WorkKeys Test Supervisor Manual - State Special Testing/Accommodated Testing PDF icon

• WorkKeys - Frequently Asked Questions PDF icon

• Descriptions of the WorkKeys Tests (Applied Math & Reading for Information)

Michigan Mathematics, Science, & Social Studies

• MME Test Supervisor Manual - Standard Time PDF icon Revised 10/10/13.

• MME Test Supervisor Manual - Accommodated Testing PDF icon Revised 10/10/13.

Accommodations/IEP Team

• ACT-Approved Accommodations Late Consideration Form (Submission deadline 2-12-14) PDF icon

• ACT-Approved Accommodations Application PDF icon

• Chart of Accomodations Dates Early March - Spring 2014 PDF icon

• MME Accommodations Summary Table - 2014 PDF icon Updated Spring 2014

• MME Access Interactive Assessment Accommodations Summary Table These interactive accommodations tables allow you to investigate what accommodations for the state assessments are standard, nonstandard, universal/local decision, or approved by ACT.

• Testing with Accommodations - Day 1 and Day 2 Frequently Asked Questions PDF icon

Standards and Rubrics

• High School Content Standards by Subject, Spring 2014 PDF icon

• Science Depth of Knowledge Study, definitions PDF icon

• Science Depth of Knowledge Study, report PDF icon

• MME Contributing Components Includes Fall 2007 - Spring 2013

• MME Assessment Design Spring 2008 - Spring 2009, Spring 2012, Spring 2013


• Spring 2014 Guide to Reports PDF icon

• MI School Data - Michigan's One-stop shop for Education Data and Information

• New MEAP and MME Cut Scores, September 13, 2011 PDF icon

• New MEAP and MME Cut Scores, FAQ - October 31, 2011 PDF icon

• Spring 2011 MME Cut Scores PDF icon

• MME Test Results Public released state, school and district reports.

• MME Downloadable Data Files Public released downloadable MME test scores

• MME Data Interpretation Workshop Powerpoint - September 2007 PPT icon

General Information & Other Resources

• Communications from Bureau of Assessment & Accountability

• Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC)

• Expectations for Success with the MME

• Complaint or Allegation of Misadministration Please click on this link and use this form to report any suspected violation of assessment integrity or ethical conduct.

• MME Future Testing Dates (revised 1/17/2012)

• How are MME Testing Dates Established? (revised 5-11-09)

• BAA Technical Reports

• Subscribe to MME Email Listserv

• Addition of ACT Scores to Qualify for Dual Enrollment PDF icon October 23, 2007

• BAA Committee Participation Application

• Michigan Merit Examination and State Aid PDF icon

Information for Parents and Students

• Taking the ACT - State Testing PDF icon

• Elimination of MME Auxiliary Test Centers Memo for 2012 PDF icon

• How Does Your School Measure Up?

• What is BAA?

• Where Do Students Take the MME?

• Student's Guide to the ACT PDF icon A document provided by ACT

• Order Form - Preparing for the ACT

• Preparing for the WorkKeys Assessments PDF icon

• ACT College Readiness Standards

• ACT - Ready for College & Ready for Work: Same or Different? PDF icon

• Use of State-Administered ACT Tests for Admission to the U.S. Air Force Academy PDF icon

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