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    Document Certification

    Authenticating Your Document
    A step-by-step instructional guide to authenticating your document.

    The intended destination of a document determines the required type of certification. An Apostille is issued for documents intended for use only in foreign countries that are party to the Hague Treaty.  A Certificate of Authority is issued for all other countries, many of which will only accept documents certified at both the state and federal levels.  The original document must be signed in front of a notary public and must contain original signatures.  As a reminder, a notary public cannot make a true copy statement in the State of Michigan.

    Only certified copies of birth, marriage, divorce and death records by a Michigan County Clerk; City Clerk or Registrar in the counties of Wayne, Oakland, or Macomb only; or the Michigan State Registrar are eligible for authentication.  Original vital records cannot be accepted for this purpose.  Documents issued by court clerks, from other states, or received via fax are not acceptable.

    To request certified copies of these records from the State Registrar, please telephone (517) 335-8656.  Note; this is not the phone number for the Office of the Great Seal.  To contact the Office of the Great Seal, please call 1-888-767-6424 or email us at

    The fee for a certificate of authority or apostille is $1.00 per document. 

    Document authentication is available on a walk-in basis at the following locations:

    Office of the Great Seal
    Richard H. Austin Building 1st Floor
    430 W. Allegan Street
    Lansing, MI

    Capital Area SUPER!Center
    3315 E. Michigan Ave.
    Lansing, MI

    Clinton Township SUPER!Center
    37015 Gratiot Avenue
    Clinton Township

    Detroit New Center SUPER!Center
    Cadillac Place Building
    3046 West Grand Boulevard, Suite L650
    Downtown Detroit

    Flint Area SUPER!Center
    5512 Fenton Road

    Grand Rapids SUPER!Center
    Centerpoint Mall 6-B
    3665 28th Street SE
    Grand Rapids

    Livonia Area SUPER!Center
    17176 Farmington Road

    Marquette County PLUS
    2025 U.S. 41 West

    Oakland County SUPER!Center
    1608 N. Perry Road

    If you wish to mail your request, you must use the following address:

    Michigan Department of State
    Office of the Great Seal
    7064 Crowner Drive
    Lansing, MI  48918. 

    Enclose a check or money order payable to the State of Michigan in the amount of $1.00 per authentication requested. Please do not send cash.  Your request must also include the country of destination, as well as a self addressed stamped envelope for return of the documents.

    If you like your documents returned via courier service, please remember to include a pre-paid air bill, showing yourself as the sender. It may take as long as 1-2 weeks before your documents are returned, depending on the mail delivery and processing time.

    Further information may be obtained from the U.S. Department of State Authentications Office at (202) 647-5002.  Or, you may contact the Federal Information Center at (800) 688-9889 and choose option 5.

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